Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sexy Party

Got to know many people like to held sexy party at pubs or home. Doesn't it sounds excited? How's sexy are they? Wearing sexy costumes or cheap lingerie? I dare not to wear either in the public, but I will wear lingerie at home instead. Well, I haven't been join such party and I hope to have a look of course. How I hope can be invited to join such sexy party one day, but restricted for girls only? If so I think I will wear it. Wonder if my hubby will get shock to see me at such look. LOL!!! I do have some lingerie at home but seldom wear it as I can't stand in the air cond room just wearing thinny cloth like that. Sure will get flu the next morning.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Housekeeping for playroom

My kid is very happy ever since he has own playroom and studyroom together. I know it's not that good to have play corner in the study room, but I don't have much space for him anymore unless we move to new bangalow one day. Guess what, his play corner has a mini kitchen for him to cook. All stuffs are so cute and I can't stop myself to buy it when he was 4 years old. Argh, time flies, it's almost 4 years and he still keep it well. Nowadays he getting more and more toys. I seldom buy him toys, but his grandparents and father who always spoil him well. He has a mini set of music instrucments which included drums. I should get a fender cabinet to put all his music things so it's easy to find whenever he wants to play. No wonder all his cousins and friends like to come to our house because there's many stuffs for them to enjoy for the whole day.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Celebration

Hubby and I married almost 10 years but we still celebrate Valentine's Day every year. Well, normally we just went to fine dining restaurant to have our dinner. This year, kid was not followed us as he went to his tuition class. I always think that just a dinner with a small gift on this special occassion is fine to me. But hubby is not think so. He can't thin what to buy for me anymore. He rather just give me cash!!! Sigh!!! Actually I do hope I receive roses. He is such a non romantic man at all!!! Or his heart not to me anymore? Just his work??? I didn't hope to receive any Reeds for nixon watches, wait till my birthday. I told him just a Valentine card already can make me feel happy and romance. How come he can't sense it? He just told me it's not worth to buy flowers on Valentine's Day, such a sad word to me. Anyway, didn't hope that he will do any romantic things to me.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Piano On Sale

My kid stopped his paiano lesson early this year. He actually likes sports activities more. He wants to learn but I just see him that he needs me to coach him then he practise else he just leave the piano aside. I really no patience to teach him every week,like I am the piano teacher. Sometimes I just think waste time and money. So I decided to stop him piano lesson. Both of us feel great now. He likes Karate class and he improves every now and then. He got himself a Champion again on his second time karate tournament last Sunday. He was so happy and hubby and I felt so proud with him. I am thinking if I should sell my piano. May be I should ask those piano shop about it. Some musician shop selling second hands music instructments, like at831b microphone at musicians friend. But hubby insists want to keep it, may be he will get back to his piano lesson one day.

Monday, January 13, 2014

House renovation

I am good in cooking but I do cook sometimes for my family. I always feel my kitchen is too small. I even don't have place to put my new mini oven. Guess what sometimes I don't have space for my to cut vegetables and fruits. I have to remove this and that to other side first. It's so troublesome!!! Hubby suggested to extend till the end of our house. Well, actually not much space but better than now. Since Chinese New Year is just around the corner and most of the contructors are started to have their holiday, so I decided to renovate it after the festival. Hubby's cousin may help to do the extention for our house, but then we want to find some hardwares for him online to get cheaper rate. He doesn't know about computer knowledge. Should we get more discount on the renovation fee then???

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Password Set

Password is used and set on computer, machine, ATM card, hand phone, and etc. It's good to change the password every week or month to avoid hackers. But do remember it all the time. Many people like to set different password on their own stuffs.

I just think used one same password will do and ease to remember. Like my hubby, he forgot his old hand phone password after get the new hand phone and set another new password. So he can't login in and get his old data and info.

Of course we don't set our password too easy like 000...Password like ac15c1 is good as with numbers and alphabets.  

CNY songs recording

Chinese New Year is coming soon. I still yet to have the feel to celebrate it as Christmas is just few days away. I am so happy that I will celebrate it with my family in Overseas this year.

Even though we are getting ready to celebrate Christmas but I can see there's many advertisements about Chinese New Year are shown in television. I even can get those CDs from shopping malls.

I know that the singers recorded the Chinese New Year two months ago, just curious to know whether they're recorded their songs from great krk studio subwoofers at guitar center

Some of the shopping malls here started to prepare the decoration for Chinese New Year once Christmas is over.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

Home Decoration For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, even I am not really celebrate it but to decorate my house with christmas tree. I feel relax, great and excited to setup a christmas tree with my kid. This year is special for us as my mother in law and her friends from church will come to our house to sing some christmas songs and giving out presents. What a wonderful night!! Hubby decided to buy an amplifiers so that we have a great sound effect when listening christmas songs. Well, may be exceptional vox vfs2a is needed too, I wonder. I will prepare some light food on that night and hope we all can enjoy it to the max...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fine Dining Restaurants

Hubby and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary few days ago. I hardly find a nice fine dining restaurant in Ipoh. I got to know many western restaurants with romantic environment in KL. I must tell hubby to celebrate with me when my birthday comes.

Just curious a lady celebrated her birthday with her partner in a fine dining restaurant in KL yesterday, but she took photos without showing her another one. Quite funny right? She received gift, cake, roses and blunt cigars on the table.

It came to my mind the high probability that the man is married, so secret and scare to show his face on her Instagram. LOL!!! What a bitch couple!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pet House

My son turns 7 years old last month. He wished that his birthday gift was a little puppy. Oh no, I can't promise and buy him such a gift. I am actually quite scare of puppy. I don't feel like to do all the cleaning and feeding. His daddy promised will buy him a puppy when he is 10 years old. LOL!!!

My kid even tell me that he needs to buy a small puppy bed just like those cat bed for his new puppy instead of cage. Well, it's just talking but won't come true in this few years time. Somemore his nose is quite sensitive, I am worry it become worst when he always carry puppy with flur.

Since he knows that he can't get puppy, he asked to buy him fishes and rabbits. Argh, my house is become a pet house soon. Well, if buy fishes, I think it should be no problem, it's more better than take care a puppy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to Yoga

I stopped to attend yoga class for years. I am thinking to get back to yoga life with my friend. I am really feel that I need some exercise. Actually I still can remember the warm up and beginning steps of yoga.

Healthy body is important to us to continue our mission. Since I am eating a lot during Chinese New Year, it's time get back to yoga. It makes me feel relax.

Before my friend and I get back to yoga class, we need to get printed yoga mats as I lost it when I move into my new house.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blog Break

It's been almost 2 months that I didn't update my blogs. Reasons are school holiday, start school and Chinese New Year is around the corner soon. Argh, keeping myself busy or else I may always feel sleepy. LOL!!!

I went to bank with hubby yesterday to do some settlements and change some new notes for Chinese New Year. Wow, it's super crowded and we had to wait for about 40 people before our turns.

While we waiting, I'm ask for some information about investment plan. The personnel introduced me an annuity which I can get higer rate of interest. Get the facts here if you also interested about it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TV Installation

Well, even I am a stay at home mummy, but I don't have much time to sit in front of TV to enjoy my favourite movies. I don't have maid, and I do all the house chores all by myself. Maid does come once a month to do those difficult cleaning like wipe ceiling fans, wash toilets.

When we first move in, I disagreed to have a TV in bedroom. Now then hubby keeps asking to install a tv. Argh, he found some affordable multiple monitor mounts which recommended by his friend. I told him I will think about it, but doesn't agree in my heart. May be he can buy it to install in living room.

Sometimes I do like to enjoy watching TV on bed, then I can straight away go to sleep. I don't want to become lazy woman. :P

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Audi Q3

My friend finally got her dream car the other day. It's a new Audi Q3. Wonder when is my turn to get mine. LOL!!! It's a luxury car and of course quite expensive. She fetch me to go shopping with her new car. She got gifts from the company like umbrealla, cap, jam nuts, bottles and etc.

I seldom see this kind of cars on road, may be it's too expensive and not worth to buy. Whatever, it's suitable for women and look nice to me. Of course my dream car is not Audi Q3....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Girl

Many people are asking me when to have baby number two. Frankly, I don't know how to answer them. Just reply, on the way. I do hope to have another baby but due to my thyroid problem, I worry and scare to get pregnant again even doctor said I can go ahead. There is another problem which hubby is always outstation and no one is helping during night time.

If I were to have a baby, she will get many stuffs compare to my boy. Because I got to know about online baby boutique crib bedding which is so nice and with reasonable price. There is many other stuffs which for babies, and I really want to get them all for my baby if I were pregnant!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Blood Test

It's time to go for full set blood test. Normally hubby is going with me for the test, but this time not. He is waiting for his new insurance policy for free blood test. Frankly, I still feel he won't pass and the insurance company may not accept him to buy another policy. Because of his health problem, just feel that his blood test result isn't perfect especiall cholestrol, liver part, as he always need to entertain with agents, friends with beer, somemore lack of sleep!!!

Anyway, if he is rejected by the insurance company, I suggest he try the no exam life insurance quotes which mean no medical report needed, but just few health questions. I think he is for sure to get it. :-P Well, I do hope that he is healthy when he shows me the report.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Searching for some information this morning, and found out that we can know about ancestry by dna. I am really curious about this topic, it can help to learn more about our ancestral roots by linking our DNA to that of your familyfrom past generations. What a advanced scientific with high technology!!!

Well, actually I am looking for some famous places, arranging a vacation with kid on the long holidays. Just afford to go Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong. We went Hong Kong last year, so just left two countries to choose. Thailand or Singapore??? Better ask my little prince for opinion first.... 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wall Fountain In Garden

I like to have floral plant in a garden if my house is enough for it. Too bad my house is a terrace housing only without a garden. I visit to my hubby friend's bungalow and always admire with the mini wall fountains in his garden. Well, hoping to move into a semi-detached house one day. I just think this dream may be 10 or 20 years later.

Hubby isn't like spacious house, he rather stay in our current house till old as we don't have a big family. It's true else I may work like hell to do all the house chores. LOL!!!

Feeling No Good

Feeling sad to hear many people around me who died or diagnosed in cancer recently. Read through newspaper that one of the artist in Malaysia died because of breast cancer yesterday. She was just 35 years old. What a sad news to all people!!!

My grandfather is having critical sick lately, and he can't breath well and head pain during night time. I am going to buy him a pulse oximeter to measure his blood oxygen level every day which doctor need the result for his next checking.

Hope my grandfather can sleep well every night without surfure with the pain.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Diamond Pendant

Finally I got my ever first diamond pendant from hubby as our anniversary gift two months ago. Thank you dear!!! I think hubby did bought me a simple diamond pendant before, but I totally lost count where I put it. I am not too sure if it's a diamond or gold pendant. Argh, time to take more fish oils and drink more collagen.

Well, my mother also got her ever first diamond pendant as her birthday gift from me. At first, we just see those rings and necklaces in a special jewelry showcase with colourful changing spotlight in it. Then, we moved on to diamond areas and our eyes stopped there at that moment. Gosh, most women like diamonds!!!

Hoping to get another one on my coming birthday. LOL!!!